SBA Form 1711 – Certification Regarding Lobbying

ORIGINFORMSTUDIO.COMSBA Form 1711 – Certification Regarding Lobbying – SBA Form 1711 is an important document for any organization that has received federal funding or intends to do so. This form is self-certification of compliance with the Lobbying Disclosure Act and certifies that the organization has not used its funds to lobby Congress. This article will provide a detailed overview of this form, including what information must be included, when it needs to be completed, and how it should be filed.

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What is an SBA Form 1711?

SBA Form 1711, also known as the Certification Regarding Lobbying, is a document issued by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). This certification is required when an applicant seeks a grant or loan from the SBA under any of its programs. This form verifies that applicants have not paid or agreed to pay someone to try and influence government officials in order to obtain a grant or loan from the SBA.

The purpose of this form is to ensure that taxpayer dollars are used for their intended purpose and do not go towards lobbying activities designed to influence U.S officials and lawmakers. Applicants must sign this form before they can be considered for funding from any federal agency, including the Small Business Administration.

What is the Purpose of SBA Form 1711?

The Small Business Administration (SBA) Form 1711 is a certification form used to certify that an entity has not and will not use appropriated federal funds to engage in lobbying activities. This form is required for any applicant of SBA loan assistance that receives or uses federal funds for their business operation.

The purpose of the SBA Form 1711 is to ensure that entities receiving loan assistance from the SBA are compliant with all regulatory requirements regarding lobbying activities and the use of public funds. When applying for SBA loan assistance, applicants must provide assurance that they are aware of and comply with all relevant provisions of federal law related to lobbying activities, including those found in 2 U.S.C Section 1913 and 15 U.S.C Section 645(a).

Where Can I Find an SBA Form 1711?

The Small Business Administration (SBA) Form 1711 is an important document for those seeking to participate in certain federal programs and contracts. This form is a certification of non-lobbying activities, which must be completed and submitted along with your application or proposal.

To find SBA Form 1711, applicants can visit the official website of the Small Business Administration. The form should be available in the ‘Forms & Publications’ section, found under ‘Tools & Resources.’ Alternatively, applicants can also find this form by searching online directly on the SBA website. It’s important to note that the form must be completed accurately and signed before it can be submitted as part of a proposal or application packet. Additionally, any changes made to the forms after submission must also be noted on subsequent submissions.

SBA Form 1711 – Certification Regarding Lobbying

The Small Business Administration (SBA) Form 1711 – Certification Regarding Lobbying is a form that must be filled out and submitted to the SBA by any company or organization receiving funding from the SBA. The form serves as an acknowledgement of the entity’s understanding of lobbying laws and regulations, ensuring that all parties involved in the transaction act in compliance with federal regulations.

The certification states that no funds may be used to influence Congress or appropriate government officials, nor can they be used for political purposes such as making campaign contributions or donations. It also requires applicants to keep records on their lobbying activities and report them periodically to ensure full transparency and compliance with the law. Additionally, it has a clause stating penalties for non-compliance with these requirements, including possible repayment of funds received if lobbying activity is found to have occurred.

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SBA Form 1711 - Certification Regarding Lobbying
SBA Form 1711 – Certification Regarding Lobbying