VTR-901 – Purchaser’s Certification of Export-Only Sale

ORIGINFORMSTUDIO.COMVTR-901 – Purchaser’s Certification of Export-Only Sale – The VTR-901 Certificate of Export-Only Sale is a document issued to purchasers of certain technology and software products to verify the export status for any international shipments. This article provides an in-depth look at the certification process, including who needs it, what it covers, where to obtain it, and how to complete it. The VTR-901 Certificate is required by the US government for all exports that are subject to the International Trade in Arms Regulations (ITAR). It verifies that materials exported from the United States will not be used for military or nuclear purposes.

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Form Number VTR-901
Form Title Purchaser’s Certification of Export-Only Sale
File Size 1 MB
Form By Texas DMV Form

What is a VTR-901 Form?

A VTR-901 is a form that must be completed by purchasers of vehicles in the state of Texas. The purpose of this form is to certify that the vehicle purchased is for export out-of-state only, and will not be registered in Texas. This document will serve as proof to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TXDMV) that the vehicle was sold with intention to export from Texas.

In order to complete a VTR-901 Form, purchasers must provide information about themselves (name, address) and details about the vehicle being purchased including make, model year, body type, vehicle identification number (VIN), odometer reading, as well as other identifying features. Once completed by both parties (seller and purchaser), signed and notarized copies should be kept on file at all times in case they are needed for future reference.

What is the Purpose of the VTR-901 Form?

The VTR-901 is an important form for purchasers and vehicle dealerships in the State of Texas. This form serves as a certification that the vehicle is being sold for export only. It also affirms that all taxes and fees related to registration, titling, and other dealership services have been paid by the purchaser.

By signing this form, the purchaser agrees to export the vehicle from Texas within 90 days of purchase. The buyer must also provide proof that this has been done before any refunds or adjustments can be made on taxes or fees paid to cover their purchase. Additionally, if there are any discrepancies between reported sales price on the form and payment received by the dealership, it must be rectified before closing out the sale.

Where Can I Find a VTR-901 Form?

The VTR-901 form, also known as the Purchaser’s Certification of Export-Only Sale, is available to download from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) website. This form is required if you are purchasing a vehicle in Texas and exporting it out of the United States. The form must be completed and signed by the purchaser and sent to TxDMV before any vehicles will be exported. It certifies that the vehicle was purchased for export purposes only and ensures proper payment of sales tax when applicable.

The form can be downloaded directly from the TxDMV website, or you can call their customer service line at 1-888-368-4689 to request a copy. Once completed, this form should be sent via e-mail or regular mail to TxDMV for validation prior to processing your transaction.

VTR-901 – Purchaser’s Certification of Export-Only Sale

The VTR-901 is a form that must be completed by purchasers of certain items purchased for export-only use. This form certifies that the purchased items are solely for transportation, shipment, sale or transfer outside the United States and will not remain in the United States. The purchaser also agrees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding export control.

The VTR-901 should be signed by an authorized representative of the company or individual making the purchase as well as any party exporting, shipping, selling or transferring out of U.S. jurisdiction on behalf of the purchaser. It is important to note that this form does not provide authorization to export; it merely certifies that the necessary steps have been taken to ensure compliance with export control requirements.

VTR-901 Form Example

VTR-901 - Purchaser’s Certification of Export-Only Sale
VTR-901 – Purchaser’s Certification of Export-Only Sale