SBA Form LLL – Disclosure of Lobbying Activities

ORIGINFORMSTUDIO.COMSBA Form LLL – Disclosure of Lobbying Activities – The Small Business Administration (SBA) Form LLL is an important document for businesses to understand when it comes to lobbying activities. Every business that hires a lobbyist must fill out and submit this form, even if the company does not plan on spending any money on lobbying activities. This form requires detailed disclosure of all lobbying activities, including the names and addresses of any consultants or organizations involved in the lobbying process. It also requires information about how much money was spent, who received it, and what services were provided in exchange for the payments.

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What is an SBA Form LLL?

An SBA Form LLL, also known as a Disclosure of Lobbying Activities form, is a document used by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to gather information regarding lobbying activities related to the SBA’s programs and services. The form must be completed and submitted by any party who wishes to lobby on behalf of an organization that is receiving funds from the SBA or has applied for such funding. This includes trade associations, corporate entities and other organizations involved in lobbying activities with respect to the SBA.

The purpose of this form is twofold: first, it helps identify all parties involved in lobbying activities so that they can be monitored and tracked; second, it provides transparency and accountability regarding how these funds are being used and whether there are any potential conflicts of interest between recipients of SBA funding and those employed to lobby on their behalf.

What is the Purpose of SBA Form LLL?

The Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Form LLL is a disclosure form used to report the lobbying activities of small businesses. It is required for those businesses that receive assistance under the Small Business Act, including assistance from SBA’s loan programs and contracts. The purpose of this form is to provide transparency into how these organizations are using their funds and where they are investing them.

The information reported on Form LLL includes details such as lobbying expenses, names and contact information of lobbyists, and descriptions of any entity that receives or may receive payments from the organization for lobbying purposes. This data helps inform members of Congress about which organizations are making contributions to influence policy decisions in their districts or on Capitol Hill. Additionally, it serves as an important compliance measure that ensures recipients of SBA funds are abiding by ethical rules related to the use of public funds for lobbying activities.

Where Can I Find an SBA Form LLL?

The SBA Form LLL is an important document required to disclose lobbying activities for all businesses that receive Small Business Administration (SBA) funding. The form must be completed and submitted on an annual basis, or more frequently if any changes occur in the business’s lobbying activities.

The SBA Form LLL can be found on the agency’s website, It is located in the Policy Library section under “Compliance.” Once there, click on the “Forms & Links” tab to access a list of available forms. In this list, the SBA Form LLL should appear with instructions about completing and submitting it online or via mail. Additionally, other resources such as a guidebook and frequently asked questions are also available for reference.

SBA Form LLL – Disclosure of Lobbying Activities

The Small Business Administration (SBA) Form LLL, also known as the Disclosure of Lobbying Activities, is a government form that requires organizations to disclose their lobbying activities. It is important for organizations to complete this form accurately and in a timely manner as it provides notified agencies with information regarding the entities that are engaging in lobbying activities.

The SBA Form LLL must be completed by any organization that lobbies on behalf of its members or clients on legislative matters before Congress and federal agencies, including any state or local governments. This includes groups such as trade associations, unions, corporations, educational institutions, and non-profits. The information required includes details about who will be doing the lobbying activity; how much they’re spending; what topics they’ll be discussing; and whether they’ve received any funding from foreign sources.

SBA Form LLL Example

SBA Form LLL - Disclosure of Lobbying Activities
SBA Form LLL – Disclosure of Lobbying Activities