PS Form 1357-C – (Customer) Request For Web Access

ORIGINFORMSTUDIO.COMPS Form 1357-C – (Customer) Request For Web Access – This article will discuss the details of PS Form 1357-C, also known as the Customer Request For Web Access. This form is designed to provide customers with access to web-based services and applications. It outlines the customer’s needs, such as what type of access they need and what type of data they are requesting access to. Additionally, it lists any additional information needed in order for their request to be processed. This article will explain how this form works and why it is necessary for customers who want to take advantage of web-based services or applications.

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Form Number PS Form 1357-C
Form Title (Customer) Request For Web Access
File Size 467 KB
Form By USPS Forms

What is a PS Form 1357-C?

PS Form 1357-C is a document used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to grant web access to USPS customers. This form is used to request and authorize access to specific USPS websites, such as Business Customer Gateway, Informed Visibility, and PostalOne!. The form also captures information related to the customer’s identity and contact details.

The PS Form 1357-C must be completed in full with accurate information before it can be submitted. All sections must be filled out completely, including name of business signer, type of organization/business entity, address of business location, username desired for chosen website(s), email address associated with site registration, phone number associated with site registration, etc.

What is the Purpose of PS Form 1357-C?

PS Form 1357-C is a United States Postal Service (USPS) document used by customers to request access to the USPS web site for online services. It serves as an application form for customers who wish to become members of the USPS website and use its various online services like tracking packages, calculating postage rates and more. The form provides the customer with all the necessary information they need in order to create a web account, including their name, address, phone number, email address and other relevant contact information. By filling out the form correctly and submitting it to USPS’s website, customers can quickly register for an account on their website and start using its various features immediately.

Where Can I Find a PS Form 1357-C?

PS Form 1357-C is a form that customers must submit to the U.S. Postal Service in order to request web access for their account. This form can be obtained from Postal Service websites, with the latest version being publicly available online.

The first step toward obtaining PS Form 1357-C is visiting the USPS website where you can fill out and submit your request electronically. Alternatively, customers may visit a local Post Office and obtain a copy of the form directly from a representative there. Forms can also be requested via mail, by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777), or by emailing them at [email protected].

PS Form 1357-C – (Customer) Request For Web Access

PS Form 1357-C is a request form used by customers to request web access from the United States Postal Service. The form must be filled out and submitted with all necessary documents to have an account created. Customers will need to provide their name, address, contact information, and other identifying information on the form. All of this information is needed so that the USPS can verify their identity before granting them access to their website.

The form also requires customers to provide details about what type of access they are requesting, including whether they would like full or limited access privileges. Additionally, customers must specify which services or functions they would like access to. These can include ordering supplies online, tracking packages, viewing shipping rates, viewing postage statements and more. Finally, customers must agree to abide by all USPS policies and regulations for using the website before submitting their request for web access.

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