DD Form 137-3 – Dependency Statement – Parent

ORIGINFORMSTUDIO.COMDD Form 137-3 – Dependency Statement – Parent – DD Form 137-3, also known as Dependency Statement – Parent, is a crucial document used by the military to determine an individual’s eligibility for certain benefits. The form provides information about the financial and medical support provided by a parent or parents to their dependent children who are over 18 years old and unmarried.

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Form Number DD Form 137-3
Form Title Dependency Statement – Parent
File Size 182 KB
Date 3/1/2018

What is a DD Form 137-3?

DD Form 137-3, also known as Dependency Statement – Parent, is a document that is used to verify the dependency status of a parent or parents of a military service member. This form is typically required when the service member is applying for benefits such as Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) or Family Separation Allowance (FSA). The form contains information about the parent’s relationship to the service member, their financial situation, and whether they are dependent on the service member for support.

To complete DD Form 137-3, the parent must provide detailed financial information including their income sources and expenses. They must also provide documentation to support their claims, such as tax returns and bank statements. The form must be signed by both the parent and the service member in order to be considered valid.

It’s important to note that DD Form 137-3 is only applicable to parents of active-duty military members. If you are a spouse or child of a military member seeking dependency verification, you will need to fill out a different form specific to your relationship with them.

What is the Purpose of DD Form 137-3?

The DD Form 137-3 is a Dependency Statement that is used to determine the eligibility of a military member’s parent for certain benefits. The form requires the parent to provide information about their income, medical expenses, and other financial resources. This information is then used to determine if the parent is eligible for benefits such as medical care or survivor benefits.

One of the main purposes of DD Form 137-3 is to ensure that only those who are truly dependent on military members are able to receive benefits. This helps prevent fraud and abuse of these programs by individuals who may attempt to claim eligibility when they are not entitled.

Additionally, the information collected on the form can help identify any other sources of support that may be available for the parent, such as social security or other government assistance programs. This can help ensure that resources are being used effectively and efficiently to support those who need them most.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 137-3?

DD Form 137-3 is an essential document for all military personnel who want to claim their dependents, specifically parents. To get hold of the form, you can visit any military installation in your locality. You can also download it from the internet or visit the nearest veteran’s affairs office. The form is free to access and use.

When filling out DD Form 137-3, ensure that you provide all the necessary details accurately and truthfully. Make sure that you have all supporting documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, or adoption papers at hand to avoid any delays in processing your request. Failure to provide accurate information or providing false information may lead to severe consequences such as penalties and even criminal charges.

In conclusion, obtaining a DD Form 137-3 should not be a challenging task if you follow the right procedures. Ensure that you have all relevant documents at hand when filling out the form and submit it promptly to avoid any inconveniences. Remember that this document is crucial in ensuring that your parent(s) receive the benefits they are entitled to as dependents of a military service member.

DD Form 137-3 – Dependency Statement – Parent

The DD Form 137-3 is used to establish a parent’s dependency on a military member for support. It is required when the military member is requesting dependent benefits for their parent, such as medical care and housing. The form must be completed accurately with all necessary information provided.

The parent must meet certain criteria to qualify as a dependent, including being financially dependent on the military member, residing with the military member or in a location approved by the military, and being unmarried or legally separated from their spouse. The form requires detailed information about the parent’s income, assets, and expenses to determine their level of financial dependence.

It is important to note that submitting false information on this form can result in serious consequences, including legal action. Therefore, it is crucial for military members and their parents to complete this form truthfully and thoroughly to avoid any issues down the line.

DD Form 137-3 Example

DD Form 137-3 - Dependency Statement - Parent Part 1
DD Form 137-3 – Dependency Statement – Parent Part 1
DD Form 137-3 - Dependency Statement - Parent Part 2
DD Form 137-3 – Dependency Statement – Parent Part 2