DAF Form 910 – Enlisted Performance Report (Ab/Spc1 Thru Tsgt)

ORIGINFORMSTUDIO.COMDAF Form 910 – Enlisted Performance Report (Ab/Spc1 Thru Tsgt) – The DAF Form 910 – Enlisted Performance Report (Ab Spc1 Thru Tsgt) is a report that is required to be completed by an enlisted soldier who has achieved a level of proficiency in their military occupational specialty. The report is used to track the soldier’s progress and to identify any areas of improvement.

Download DAF Form 910 – Enlisted Performance Report (Ab/Spc1 Thru Tsgt)

Form Number DAF Form 910
Form Title Enlisted Performance Report (Ab/Spc1 Thru Tsgt)
File Size 73 KB
Form By 16-03-2022

What is a DAF Form 910?

DAF Form 910 is an Enlisted Performance Report (EPR) that is a record of the performance of Air Force enlisted personnel. This form is used to document the achievements and shortcomings of enlisted individuals who hold the ranks from Airman Basic through Technical Sergeant. The report serves as a means to evaluate and document the overall effectiveness, leadership potential, and job performance of each individual.

The DAF Form 910 evaluates various factors such as technical proficiency, leadership qualities, personal traits, communication skills, teamwork abilities, mission accomplishment, and self-development. Each factor receives a rating ranging from one to five with one being poor or unsatisfactory and five being outstanding. The overall rating reflects how well the individual meets standards set by the Air Force for their rank.

It is important that enlisted personnel understand how their performance will be rated on this form since it determines their eligibility for promotion or other career opportunities in the military. The Enlisted Performance Report helps maintain high standards in the Air Force by emphasizing excellence in all aspects of military service.

What is the Purpose of DAF Form 910?

DAF Form 910 or the Enlisted Performance Report (EPR) is a critical document that assesses an enlisted member’s performance over a given period. The form is used by the United States Airforce to evaluate and document each enlisted member’s performance, conduct, and potential for future promotions. DAF Form 910 provides commanders with valuable information for making personnel decisions and assigning people to leadership positions.

The EPR aims to promote performance excellence, recognize exceptional achievements, and identify areas for improvement. It highlights individuals who have performed beyond expectations during their service in the military. On the other hand, it also identifies those who require further training or development before they can be promoted to higher ranks within their respective units.

Therefore, DAF Form 910 serves multiple purposes in evaluating an individual’s military career; it recognizes superior performers and recommends them for rewards such as medals of honor or promotion while identifying those whose performance requires improvement through training and development opportunities. Overall, it helps maintain high standards of professionalism within the US Airforce by ensuring that only qualified individuals are assigned leadership roles based on merit alone rather than favoritism or nepotism.

Where Can I Find a DAF Form 910?

DAF Form 910, also known as Enlisted Performance Report (EPR), is a document used by the United States Air Force to evaluate the performance of its enlisted personnel from Airman Basic through Technical Sergeant. The form records information such as job performance, leadership abilities, and personal conduct over a given period. It is an essential tool for career progression in the military.

If you are looking for a DAF Form 910, you can obtain it from your unit’s administrative office or online via various official websites. The Air Force e-Publishing website provides access to all official forms and publications related to the U.S. Air Force. You can download and print the form directly from this site or request a hard copy from your unit’s administrative office.

It is crucial to ensure that all information on the DAF Form 910 is accurate and complete as it plays a critical role in determining an individual’s promotion eligibility. Regularly checking with your commanding officer helps ensure that you receive an accurate copy of your EPR before submitting it for review with any necessary corrections made promptly.

DAF Form 910 – Enlisted Performance Report (Ab/Spc1 Thru Tsgt)

The DAF Form 910 is a crucial document used to evaluate the performance of enlisted personnel, specifically those with the ranks of Airman Basic Specialist 1 through Technical Sergeant. This report provides detailed information about an individual’s strengths and areas for improvement, including their job performance, leadership skills, adherence to military regulations and standards, and participation in community service.

The Enlisted Performance Report (EPR) is one of the key factors in determining an individual’s career progression within the United States Air Force. As such, it is essential that individuals take their EPR seriously and strive to perform at their best level throughout their career. The EPR is also reviewed by promotion boards when considering candidates for higher ranks or positions.

In addition to evaluating job performance and leadership qualities, the DAF Form 910 includes a section for comments from supervisors and other members of the chain of command. These remarks provide valuable feedback on an individual’s overall contributions to their unit as well as any notable achievements or areas that require improvement. Overall, the EPR serves as a critical tool in ensuring that enlisted personnel meet high standards while advancing in their careers within the US Air Force.

DAF Form 910 Example

DAF Form 910 - Enlisted Performance Report (Ab Spc1 Thru Tsgt)
DAF Form 910 – Enlisted Performance Report (Ab Spc1 Thru Tsgt)