DAF Form 618 – Medical Board Report

ORIGINFORMSTUDIO.COMDAF Form 618 – Medical Board Report – The DAF 618 form is used to report a medical condition to the Medical Board. The form should be completed and submitted to the Medical Board within 45 days of the date of the event that gave rise to the condition.

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Form Number DAF Form 618
Form Title Medical Board Report
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Form By 11-08-2021

What is a DAF Form 618?

The DAF Form 618, also known as the Medical Board Report, is a document that serves as an official record of a service member’s medical history. It is a crucial form used by the Department of Defense to determine whether or not an individual is fit for military service. The report provides information on any medical conditions or disabilities that may affect the service member’s ability to perform their duties.

The form includes detailed questions about the service member’s physical and mental health status, including past surgeries and hospitalizations, medications taken regularly, and any ongoing medical treatment. This information is used by military physicians to evaluate the individual’s overall health and fitness for duty.

In addition to evaluating an individual’s current health status, the DAF Form 618 can also be used to assess potential risks associated with certain assignments or deployments. For example, if a service member has a history of asthma or other respiratory issues, they may be deemed unfit for deployment in areas where air quality could pose a significant risk. Overall, the Medical Board Report plays an essential role in ensuring that only individuals who are medically fit for military duty are allowed to serve in active duty positions.

What is the Purpose of DAF Form 618?

The purpose of DAF Form 618, also known as the Medical Board Report, is to provide a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of an individual’s medical condition. This form is used by the Department of Defense (DoD) to determine whether a member of the military is fit or unfit for duty due to their medical condition. The form includes detailed information about an individual’s medical history, current diagnosis, and treatment options.

The results from the Medical Board Report are critical for determining if a service member can continue with their military duties or if they need to be separated due to a medical disqualification. In some cases, individuals may be placed on temporary disability retirement while undergoing treatment or rehabilitation. The DAF Form 618 helps ensure that accurate and complete information is provided so that appropriate decisions can be made regarding an individual’s fitness for duty in the military. Overall, this form plays a crucial role in maintaining readiness within the U.S. Armed Forces by ensuring that only those who are medically capable serve in active duty roles.

Where Can I Find a DAF Form 618?

As a member of the military, it is essential to know where to find DAF Form 618, also known as the Medical Board Report. This form is used to document an individual’s medical condition and fitness for duty. The first place to look for this form would be at your nearest military treatment facility or VA hospital. They should have the necessary forms available in their patient administration office.

Another option would be to check online at the official Department of Defense (DoD) website. They offer all necessary forms online in a downloadable format that can be printed out and filled in manually or electronically using Adobe Acrobat software. Additionally, many third-party websites offer DAF Form 618 online for download; however, you should ensure that you are downloading from a reliable source before submitting any confidential information.

It is worth noting that if you are unsure about anything regarding DAF Form 618, it is always best to contact your medical provider or commanding officer immediately. They will provide guidance on how best to complete the form and ensure all relevant information is included before submission.

DAF Form 618 – Medical Board Report

The DAF Form 618 – Medical Board Report is a crucial document that outlines the medical condition of an Air Force service member. This form is used to evaluate the physical and mental fitness of a service member for continuing military duty or for separation from active duty due to medical reasons. The report includes detailed information about the individual’s medical history, current conditions, and any treatments they have received.

The completion of this form involves a comprehensive evaluation by a medical board which consists of several licensed healthcare professionals. The board examines all relevant information provided by the service member and their healthcare providers to make an informed decision on whether the individual can safely continue serving in their current capacity or if they need to be separated from active duty due to their medical condition.

Overall, the DAF Form 618 serves as an essential tool in ensuring that Air Force personnel are physically and mentally fit for continued military duty, while also providing necessary support for those who may require assistance with transitioning out of active service due to health concerns.

DAF Form 618 Example

DAF Form 618 - Medical Board Report Part 1
DAF Form 618 – Medical Board Report Part 1
DAF Form 618 - Medical Board Report Part 2
DAF Form 618 – Medical Board Report Part 2