DAF Form 1357 – Request For Temporary Lodging Allowance

ORIGINFORMSTUDIO.COMDAF Form 1357 – Request For Temporary Lodging Allowance – The Department of Finance (DOF) has released a new form, DAF 1357, Request for Temporary Lodging Allowance. This document is intended to assist in the smooth and expeditious processing of visa applications and to minimize the inconvenience caused to applicants by undue delays in the issuance of visas. The form can be used by authorized officers in certain designated embassies, high commissions, consulates-general and other diplomatic or consular posts abroad.

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Form Number DAF Form 1357
Form Title Request For Temporary Lodging Allowance
File Size 61 KB
Form By 13-12-2022

What is a DAF Form 1357?

The DAF Form 1357 is an official document used by the United States Air Force to request a Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA). This form is typically submitted by service members who are temporarily assigned to a new location and require temporary lodging. The purpose of this allowance is to help defray the cost of lodging, meals, and other expenses associated with temporary housing.

The form itself is relatively straightforward and requires basic information about the service member’s name, rank, unit, and travel itinerary. Additionally, the form asks for details about the specific lodging arrangements that have been made, including dates of stay and costs. Once completed, the form must be signed by both the service member and their commanding officer before being submitted for approval.

Overall, the DAF Form 1357 is an important tool for Air Force personnel on temporary assignment who need financial assistance with lodging expenses. By following proper procedures when completing and submitting this form, service members can ensure they receive timely reimbursement for their expenses while maintaining compliance with military regulations.

What is the Purpose of DAF Form 1357?

DAF Form 1357, also known as the Request For Temporary Lodging Allowance, is a form used by members of the United States Air Force. The purpose of this form is to request reimbursement for temporary lodging expenses incurred while on official travel or relocation. This includes meals, laundry services and other incidental expenses.

One important thing to note about DAF Form 1357 is that it must be submitted within five days of checking out of the temporary lodging facility. If it is not submitted within this timeframe, reimbursement may be delayed or denied altogether. In addition, it is important to keep all receipts and documentation related to the expenses in order to support your claim.

Overall, DAF Form 1357 serves an important role in ensuring that members of the Air Force are able to receive reimbursement for necessary expenses during official travel or relocation. By properly completing and submitting this form with all required documentation, individuals can ensure that they receive the financial support they need to complete their duties effectively.

Where Can I Find a DAF Form 1357?

If you are a military service member and need to file a request for Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA), you will need to obtain DAF Form 1357. This form is used by the U.S. Air Force to initiate payment of TLA for members who are assigned to temporary duty or permanent change of station orders.

One way to find DAF Form 1357 is by visiting the official website of the United States Air Force. The website offers various forms that are required by Air Force personnel including DAF Form 1357. You can download the form from their website, print it out, and fill in your details.

Another way to obtain DAF Form 1357 is through your military base’s finance office. The finance office should be able to provide you with a hard copy of the form or direct you on how and where to access it online. It’s important that you submit your request as soon as possible so that any qualified expenses related to temporary lodging can be reimbursed promptly without delay or penalty charges.

DAF Form 1357 – Request For Temporary Lodging Allowance

If you are a military member and you need to travel for official reasons, DAF Form 1357 is crucial in requesting for temporary lodging allowance. This form is used to document expenses on lodging, meals, and other incidental expenses incurred by the service members who are authorized temporary duty travel outside their permanent duty station. With this form, service members can receive reimbursement from the government for these expenses.

To fill out the DAF Form 1357 correctly, it is essential to provide all necessary information such as your name and rank, a destination address, dates of travel, and reason for travel. You must also include supporting documents such as hotel receipts and meal vouchers as proof of your expenses. It’s essential to note that accommodations must be deemed reasonable based on the location of your destination.

Overall, filling out a DAF Form 1357 may seem daunting at first glance; however, it helps ensure that military personnel receives compensation for their necessary travel expenditures while away from their permanent duty station.

DAF Form 1357 Example

DAF Form 1357 - Request For Temporary Lodging Allowance
DAF Form 1357 – Request For Temporary Lodging Allowance