DAF Form 265 – Afo Payment Authorization (Jumps)

ORIGINFORMSTUDIO.COMDAF Form 265 – Afo Payment Authorization (Jumps) – The DAF Form 265 – Afo Payment Authorization is an important form for businesses and organizations of all sizes. It is used to authorize payments from their Accounts Funds Offset (AFO) accounts in a timely manner. The form outlines the necessary information needed to process the payment, including the name and amount of the payee, as well as any additional details required by the organization.

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Form Number DAF Form 265
Form Title Afo Payment Authorization (Jumps)
File Size 31 KB
Form By 20-12-2022

What is a DAF Form 265?

DAF Form 265, also known as AFO Payment Authorization (Jumps), is a document used by the United States Air Force to authorize payments for official travel. This form is specifically for jump pay, which is additional compensation paid to members of the military who are required to engage in parachute jumps during their duties.

The DAF Form 265 requires basic information about the service member, such as name and rank, as well as specific details about the jump that was performed. This includes the type of jump and how many jumps were completed during a given period. Once all necessary information has been provided on the form, it must be signed by both the service member and their supervisor before it can be processed.

It’s important for service members to keep track of their jumps and ensure that they complete an AFO Payment Authorization (Jumps) form after each one in order to receive proper compensation. By utilizing this form correctly, service members can ensure that they receive accurate payment for their work and dedication while serving our country.

What is the Purpose of DAF Form 265?

DAF Form 265, also known as the AFO Payment Authorization (Jumps), is a document used by military personnel to authorize and report parachute jumps. The purpose of this form is to ensure that proper accounting procedures are followed for any costs associated with parachute jumps, such as equipment maintenance or replacement. It is the responsibility of the person conducting the jump to complete and sign the form before submitting it to their unit’s finance office.

The information required on DAF Form 265 includes the name and rank of each jumper, date and location of the jump, type of aircraft used, and any other relevant details. This form serves as an authorization for payment for all expenses incurred during a jump, including transportation costs, equipment rental fees or purchases, and medical expenses if necessary. Failure to submit a completed DAF Form 265 may result in delays in processing payments or even disciplinary action.

Overall, DAF Form 265 plays an important role in ensuring that all costs associated with military parachute jumps are properly accounted for and paid according to established procedures. It helps prevent fraud or misuse of funds while providing valuable information about each jump that can be used in future planning efforts.

Where Can I Find a DAF Form 265?

If you’re looking for a DAF Form 265, there are several places you can find it. One option is to visit the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) website where they have a variety of forms available for download. You can simply search “DAF Form 265” in their database and print it out from there.

Another route is to contact your local finance office on base as they should have copies of all necessary forms including the DAF Form 265. They may even be able to assist with filling out the form if needed.

Lastly, if you’re having trouble finding the form or unsure about how to fill it out, reach out to your unit’s finance representative who should be able to provide guidance and support through the process.

DAF Form 265 – Afo Payment Authorization (Jumps)

DAF Form 265, also known as AFO Payment Authorization (Jumps), is a document that authorizes the disbursement of funds for military personnel who are authorized to perform parachute jumps. This form is used by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) to process payments for these specialized military operations.

The form requires important information such as the date of the jump, location, and the number of jumps made. The pay rate for parachute jumps varies depending on whether it’s a static line or free-fall jump. Additionally, this form must be signed by an authorized official from the unit or organization requesting payment approval.

It’s important to note that this form is only used for parachute jump-related expenses and not any other type of military operation costs. Therefore, it’s crucial to provide accurate information when submitting DAF Form 265 to prevent delays in processing payments.

DAF Form 265 Example

DAF Form 265 - Afo Payment Authorization (Jumps)
DAF Form 265 – Afo Payment Authorization (Jumps)